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Have you previously been in the army and picked up an injury that wasn’t your fault and wondering if you’re entitled to be compensated?

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We specialise in the following military cases:

  • Hearing Loss/Tinnitus
  • Non Freezing Cold Injury
  • Medical Negligence
  • PTSD
  • Military Parachute and Aviation Injury Claim
  • Heat Injury
  • Road Traffic Injury

Should this be for a family member who is unable to place the claim themselves, you’re also welcome to get in touch with us as long as you’re their legal next of kin.

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    What is Military Hearing Loss

    Military Hearing Loss is when an individual loses their hearing during or after the service in the army. Hearing loss may also involve ringing in one or both ears which can have the capacity to keep you up at night. The army is no different to other industries as every personnel have to be provided with the appropriate gear to avoid this from happening.

    This could be caused due to being exposed to noises such as:

    • Gun shots sounds
    • Mortar Bombs
    • Loud transportation vehicles
    • Aircraft sounds

    Symptoms to look out for are:

      • Muffled sounds
      • Needing to turn up the sound when watching something or asking people to speak up
      • Feel as if it’s too noisy when most people seem to think it’s not
      • Finding it hard to keep up with conversations

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    What is Non Freezing Cold Injury

    Non Freezing Cold Injury (previously known as trench foot)  is a injury caused by exposure to wet and freezing conditions. This can affect your feet as well as your hands. Non Freezing Cold Injury is one of the most common injury in the British Military and known to be a non-battle injury – meaning it is more likely to be picked up during training. With it being a non- combat military injury, there has been recent awareness raised for this, as it could easily be avoided. However, this hasn’t always been taken onboard and often results in soldiers suffering from this horrific injury.

    Symptoms would involve:

      • Itching
      • Pain
      • Swelling
      • Numbness
      • Blisters

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    What is Medical Negligence

    Medical negligence is simply when the appropriate medical personnel does not perform at the standard of care required or also fail to acquire the appropriate consent before treating someone. At time the appropriate regulations may not be met by army superiors which can have devastating results to the injured individual.

    Injuries surrounding army personnel require a high level of attention based on the nature of their occupation and failure of meeting these standards have to be scrutinised considering how damaging it can be.

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    What is PTSD

    PTSD is often experienced by most people but in different levels (Depending on the traumatic event). It is a psychological injury caused by events that may be perceived as distressing or psychologically disturbing by the individual.  Understandably due to traumatic events that occurs when serving in the army, many ex-soldiers suffer from this psychological injury which can affect them for life. To claim, you will need to prove that your PTSD injury was caused by service. Nevertheless, you do not need to prove that it was due to negligence as it is a ‘no fault’ scheme

    The Symptoms for PTSD includes:

      • Anxieties
      • Lack of sleep
      • Inability to go out
      • Flashbacks

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    Other claims we cover:

    Although known to be very dangerous, parachuting is often something the military provide training for to ensure it is done safely and correctly. However, this does not cancel the fact that due to its hazardous nature, many could face some life-threatening injuries if not conducted properly.

    If this occurs, the claim can only be submitted within 3 years of the date of the accident for the court to proceed with this. A 2-year time limit would apply if the injury occurred on an aircraft.

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    Heat injury is when your body’s temperatures rise higher than normal due to hot conditions. This could be triggered when undertaking physical exercises outdoors without the appropriate clothing, insufficient water to keep you hydrated and staying in the heat for a very long time without cooling down.

    At its worse, Heat Injury could lead an individual to a coma, and create other health issues such as organ failure. Due to this being mostly picked up in training, it is up to the commander in charge to know when his soldiers can take a break, provided with the appropriate clothing and given enough fluid to remain hydrated.

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    Believe it or not, road accidents are one of the biggest causes to why personnel in the British Armed Forces have lost their lives or seriously injured. Whether this is related to their experience as soldiers or not, we cannot deny that this is a concern – considering that the accidents are happening more domestically than while they’re on tour.

    Just like many other causes, road accidents could have devastating effects or be the cause of death in many occasions and therefore requires compensation if what happened wasn’t your fault.

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    Whether you’re an ex soldier or still serving and experiencing some of these symptoms, rest assured we’re here to support you and provide you with the help you need. The truth is that all these injuries can be avoided  and therefore having to experience them due to carelessness should not be tolerated. Our goal is to help you get compensated as you speak to our experts who will be by your side from the start of your claim to the very end.

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