2 Million Workers at risk of HAVS

There are 2 million workers at risk of developing Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) in the UK, and currently 300 thousand people suffering advanced stages.

It’s being reported on pbctoday that 2 million workers are still at risk of developing H.and Arm Vibration syndrome. Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (or Vibration White Finger) is caused by an over exposure to vibrations when for example using handheld power tools. Symptoms include bouts of vibration white finger, where fingers lose all feeling and turn white in cold temperatures, muscle fatigue, potentially resulting in disability, and in some cases carpal tunnel syndrome.

Symptoms can take time to become apparent but once evident there is no treatment to reverse the harm and quality of life impact for sufferers is extreme. Day-to-day activities such as pulling up a zip, holding a glass or playing with their children are affected.

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Traditional methods of regular assessment and generic control measures can help some but inevitably not all workers and can result in an underestimation of vibration exposure by up to 76%, putting people at serious risk. 10% of workers exposed at what is termed the Exposure Action Value and which many might consider a safe level, will get Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome within 12 years…

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